what is fear?  a lot of different things,  for me - fear manifests as a controlling aspect of my personality.  Prob explains why I only get so close to some individuals and dodge others.  The dodging is something that I need to work on.  I've always been a runner, running from my fears and never facing them head on.  


I've always been told that I could never accomplish certain things in life.  The true revelation that I've experienced from all of this 'abandoning my conventional life' and facing my demons has brought on a whole new level of emotional freedom I've never experienced in my whole life.  I am not religious, but now that I've come to losing all these things that all of us deem necessary has freed me from the constraints of normal thinking.


However, all things are easier said than done.  Triggers are always there, which is just fear.  I must learn to smile and greet my enemy (or which at some point I contrived to be my enemy).  It's melting away slowly, the more I affirm positive thoughts, sayings and treat people kindly, things have been much more therapeutic to say the least.

The point of my rant is that we are what we think.  Our thoughts become our actions.  Be kind people.


Peace and Hugs 






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