Life Backward

Life Backwards

Often lately I’ve been looking back to my past and laughing at my old self and how I evolved from this naive, scared and shy person into something else I can’t quite recognize. Some say it’s arrogance, some say it’s because I’m a loser and some folks are just indifferent.


The entire point of this post is that you have to somehow get to a place where you could care less what people think of you; and furthermore the more you become self actualized- the more you are perceived as an unkind person.  Assertiveness is much different than being outwardly rude.  Women face this mostly in my experience, well because I’m a woman.


Growing Pains of life are real and don’t give up what you believe in to please others.  People pleasing just doesn’t work.  I used to think being an employee of the state that it was as a jail sentence for all the time my friends were in college and partying it up, and I was working 2 jobs to pay for my first apartment at 19.


Persevere- because the only people who tell you that you aren’t capable of doing something with your life are the ones who will propel you toward success, if you can harness the anger.

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