Losing Friends

This year in September 24th, 2020 The world lost one of their most precious souls.  Thomas Ryan Sasche was only 42, but he was thousands of years old if you judged his age by his wisdom.  

As most of you know me, I have struggled with addiction to alcohol in the past, and this man made the most impactful meaning and brought great change to my life.  He didn’t have  even to try, that was the beauty about Ryan- he had the ability to soothe you just by standing in your presence.  You helped thousands of other people like me, and we will continue to pass on your legacy.  You have forever changed my core for the better and there are no words to thank you for that.  I love you my brother, Ryan Sasche.  Until we meet again, I’ll stay straight and keep ya proud.  


forever your friend and helping others forever, 



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