Only some people…

Only some people have the capacity to change for the better.  I have found over the course of what seems like many lifetimes at my less than half age status.  I see people suffering and for the love of god I do not understand how the human condition which seems to be suffering- just gets “categorized” or “stigmatized” into a box as if a person suffering somehow must have done something in their life to deserve the hand they were dealt, or they just weren’t enough of a go getter.  These ideals need to go!  Can we talk about archaic??!!  We are the only ones that can provide comfort to those who need help, in whatever capacity that might be. 

As the saying goes, only the strong will survive but who is actually living to be a good person?  Do people understand that other people’s words or dismissals can cause mental anguish and pain?  They do not, so I must not let myself be affected (guess that’s why Buddha would do)

People, have become callous and hard.  There’s no room for empathy to heal the human condition because we in fact have been conditioned to believe that people of lesser circumstance or mental illness are “less than” .  Now more than ever people need to see what they can in their direct communities or lives to help others when they are down.  

Don’t let anyone steal your joy.

I guess sometimes you just have to switch gears and change your perspective to survive.  

So relax, breathe and meditate.

Don’t put people in boxes, for they are people, not the symbols man gave them in their indifferences. 

“People will always find a reason to hate what they cannot understand”  -Jamie Foster 

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