The loss of all humanity

I’ve been thinking lately, the life couldn’t get any worse.  Yet, somehow I always manage to grab another side hustle and work my jewelry business at the holidays until I find the next ‘big thing’ comes up. 

I cannot believe the amount of rights we do not have in our country, like the right to rental protections during economic crisis for the working class who do not see wage increases, yet are expected to fall in line and just eat less or get by with less or let a bill get paid late or not at all. My own rent just jumped $500 per month:  I sought help, I have no legal rights.  What a crock, yet I push through with all my being to make it another day.  Each day I’m still dismayed and amazed that I’m still here fighting “the good fight”.  

we as the working class are all in this together.  Let’s stand together.  

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